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Sherri Fair

Dallas, TX 75081

(720) 841-6110





Superb Photography and Art by Cathy Sheeter!

NEW on the Available Friesians Page! IMPRESSIVE Crown & Ster Mares, Fillies & a Colt! Several VIDEO links just added to the pages!

Please take a moment to share in our passion for Friesian Horses.

My first experience with Friesian Horses began in 2000. The power, elegance and gentleness, all wrapped into one magnificent equine creature, was breathtaking! I knew at that moment, this majestic black friend would be my future. So, there began my obsession and constant study into the history, bloodlines, conformation, movements, sport ability and fertility of the Friesian Horse. To this day, I have owned 8 Amazing Friesians, and helped several other people to find their dream horse. My ultimate goal was to be the breeder of a future Approved Studbook Stallion!  It hasn't happened, YET, but I have bred two who were selected and sent to the stallion approval testing.

We are in close contact with quality breeders and other sellers throughout the US and Holland, to keep appraised of the highest quality Friesian Horses available for breeding or purchase, or to add to our sales list.  Our Friesian Horses are always taken to the annual KFPS / FHANA keurings to receive their individual premie ratings from the Judges and Inspectors designated by the KFPS.


We take pride in offering Friesians with amazing bloodlines, tremendous conformation, spectacular movement and captivating “type”.  We offer a wide variety of Friesian Horses bred and trained for various disciplines including Dressage, Saddle Seat, Driving and even just for Pleasure and Trail Riding. We, also, offer newborn Friesian Foals. Often times, we may know of a very special Friesian, but may not have him listed, yet, or she may not publicly be advertised!


We import frozen semen from exceptional FPS Studbook Stallions who are producing the highest quality offspring.  Our goal is to provide mare owners with more options to broaden the gene pool in North America and to have access to some of the best Breeding Stallions within the FPS Studbook.  We, also, help to educate the mare owner with the proper protocol for handling and breeding with frozen semen, for a higher pregnancy success rate.

We have often attended the KFPS Friesian Stallion Show in Holland, where we've observed over 200 Stallions being inspected, to keep up with the breeding objectives of the Friesian Studbook.  We hope you will enjoy our photos of your favorite FPS Approved Friesian Stallions.



We are members in good standing with the Friesian Horse Association of North America and we abide by all "FHANA Rules and Regulations".  We've attended many of the annual FHANA meetings, as well as many Friesian Horse clinics including Breeding and Reproduction, Conformation and Movement judging, Grooming, Health and Nutrition, Inspection Preparation and Handling.  We are, also, members in good standing with the “International Friesian Horse Show Association”, the “United States Equestrian Federation” and the “United States Dressage Federation”. 

Our clients are of ultimate importance to us!  Our sales horses are priced in detail so you know, up front, what your Friesian or Frozen Semen will cost you, from pre-purchase vetting all the way through quarantine release in the USA, and there are no "surprise" fees.  We are always available throughout the purchase and delivery, as well as after the purchase is final.  We work with each buyer on a personal level and have a sincere interest in the future partnership with their new Friesian.


Thanks for visiting Kasteel Friesians and we hope you have enjoyed this site.  Please let us know if you would like information about any of our Friesian Horses for sale or Friesian Stallion Frozen Semen.



Member of the Friesian Horse Association of North America

Thanks for visiting the pages of Kasteel Friesians!